Steering Committee Membership

For an overview of what our team does, please see our Lyons Prepared presentation.

All new members go through a 4-month trial period.


  • Be calm and factual - Must be able to spread calm and fact-based information. Recognize and quash rumors.

  • Attend meetings - Must prioritize attending our monthly Steering Committee meetings, which are open to the public. Minimum attendance: 50% in each calendar year.

  • Attend trainings - Must prioritize participating in trainings and exercises (2 - 4 per year). Minimum attendance 50% in each calendar year.

  • Participate in our community outreach - Help distribute literature and answer questions at events such as National Night Out and other community events, write newspaper articles about our work, help with organizing distribution of flyers, perform neighborhood outreach such as quarterly update emails to volunteers in your neighborhood.

  • Be individually accountable - Only official Steering Committee members may speak on behalf of Lyons Prepared. When we speak on behalf of Lyons Prepared, we have a responsibility to the community. If we don’t fulfill that responsibility and our actions reflect poorly on Lyons Prepared, we may be asked to leave the steering committee.

  • Complete FEMA Incident Command System training (IS-100.B) within trial period - FEMA IS-100.b.

To qualify for a MURS radio

These qualifications are for receiving a MURS radio from and using it on behalf of Lyons Prepared (MURS radios are unlicensed, so anyone can purchase and use one):

  • Be strategically located - Our neighborhood map is on this page: More > About us.

  • Complete radio training - Our training presentation is embedded on this page: More > Communication.

  • Participate in radio testing exercises - Our map of radio coverage results is on this page: More > Communication.

  • Communicate to your neighborhood - Let your neighbors know that you are the Lyons Prepared Point-of-Contact for your neighborhood. Example of an introductory flyer: Greetings, Neighbors!.