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Like emergency communications, Lyons Prepared is also evolving. The volunteer group is transitioning to be a part of the LFPD Auxiliary to provide support as needed. And volunteers will continue to maintain the radio network. This is especially useful for areas in the Fire District where communications are "spotty" due to our mountainous terrain. The LFPD is seeking volunteers to participate in the Auxiliary for a variety of community-oriented education, communication, and outreach initiatives in support of the Fire District's mission. Interested citizens can apply to volunteer with the Auxiliary. Please reach out to LFPD to learn more please call the LFPD office at 303-823-6611 (Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 4 PM) or send an email to:  admin@lyonsfire.org

Lyons Prepared is a volunteer citizen partnership with the Lyons Fire Protection District in the Lyons, Colorado area.

Our mission is to work with residents and visitors within the Lyons Fire Protection District to:

For more info about the work we do, see our Lyons Prepared: An Introduction preso on the More > About Us page. 

For more info about our annual exercise, see our photo essay.

Want to volunteer to help out in your neighborhood?

We're looking for volunteers in some of our neighborhoods, including Town West of the River (Confluence and Ewald), Lonestar, X Bar 7 / Blue Mountain Trail, and Eagle Canyon. If you'd like to participate in the communication tree for your neighborhood or as a neighborhood point of contact, please contact us at info@LyonsPrepared.com.

For more information about becoming a Lyons Prepared volunteer neighborhood point of contact member, please see our Membership page.


Next meetings and radio check-ins

Everyone is welcome at our meetings!

Steering Committee meetings: 3rd Tue of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov.

Location/Time: Via Video Conference 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

2022 Steering Committee meetings:

Wildfire preparedness pamphlet available

Wildfire Preparedness pamphlet

Wildfire Preparedness pamphlet (PDF)

More preparedness pamphlets

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Lyons Prepared neighborhoods

These are our proposed Lyons Prepared neighborhoods. This is a work in progress and may be adjusted

Tap map for more info about our neighborhoods (More » About us).

Map of neighborhoods within the Lyons Fire Protection District

= MURS radio in neighborhood. For more info about radios: More » Communication.